Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#Supertwision at #GPET13

It didn't look like this in real life.  Picture from Medical Observer
Michael and I presented at the GPET Convention in Perth today on our experience with #Supertwision. It's been very interesting reviewing what we've discussed since January and the variety of people who have contributed to the discussion. It's been a bit quiet of late on the #Supertwision hashtag as Michael and I have both been away, and busy with other stuff.

There was a large audience present (there were 3 other papers presented too) and lots of interest afterwards in real life and on Twitter, inlcuding from those following outside the convention on the #GPET13 hashtag. (It's worth noting on the side at this point that there are a large number of my Twitter heroes here, almost all of whom I am meeting for the first time. It's made for a high quality conference feed, I reckon).

Anyway, presenting at GPET has given #Supertwision a bit of a kick back into action, starting here. This is an opportunity to see what we've done so far, and to catch up if you are new to the idea.

I don't need to write much, because here is the Prezi!

The Prezi is pretty self-explanatory,  but you might be interested in exploring more yourself, so these are the links to the information we've used to compile the presentation.

This is the initial description of Supertwision on this blog.

And this is the post describing Supertwision on Croakey

We also got some coverage in Medical Observer (may need log-in)

The stats for the hashtag can be found on Symplur - feel free to dig and let us know in the comments or on the Twitter hashtag if you discover anything interesting!

And for the completists among you, you can even see a transcript of all the tweets since the beginning

But you might be more interested to read Michael's story of finding a training practice and how he came to Tharawal in Medical Observer (which may need a log-in)

We'd love to hear your thoughts on what else you think we should be covering, or if you want to try some Supertwision yourselves. Tweet us or comment below.

And I really have to finish with the last slide in the Prezi. Thanks to everyone who has contributed (that we are aware of!) so far.

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